Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid

aiming higher inspires reinvention
E-Tech full hybrid 200 hp and E-Tech 4x4 300 hp powertrains¹

up to 1,100 km of driving range²   

with Google built-in³ and more than 50 apps available⁴ 
200 hp
E-Tech full hybrid powertrain
300 hp
E-Tech 4x45
1,100 km
of driving range6
984 cm²
openR screen + heads-up display

1E-Tech 4x4 300 hp powertrain available later

2E-Tech full hybrid 200 hp powertrain with a full tank of petrol, according to WLTP data    

3Google, Google Play, Android Auto and Google Maps are Google LLC trademarks

4depending on the country

5available later

6E-Tech full hybrid 200 hp powertrain with a full tank of petrol, according to WLTP data

7depending on version


a new approach to performance

solarbay panoramic sunroof

solarbay panoramic sunroof - Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid
comfort and light
This technology provides à a vast solarbay® panoramic sunroof that darkens and lightens on demand. You decide how much light you want using the four opacity modes available - comfort truly tailored to you.

E-Tech hybrid

up to 1,100 km of driving range*

*E-Tech full hybrid 200 hp powertrain with a full tank of petrol, according to WLTP data
E-Tech full hybrid 200 hp
Drive electric 80%* of the time in town and up to 130 km/h without having to charge. The battery charges during deceleration and braking and lets you save up to 40%** fuel. 

maximum power
146 kW (200 ch )

auto multimode         

WLTP CO₂ emissions
from 105 g/km
pending certification

from 4,7 L/100 km
pending certification

battery voltage
400 V  + 2 kWh capacity     

*depending on battery charge level and driving style according to WLTP urban cycle/source: Renault internal/2023 

**for a E-Tech full hybrid powertrain compared with a mild hybrid vehicle powertrain, according to WLTP data City/source: UTAC & IDIADA/September 2022
E-Tech 4x4 300 hp
Renault Rafale E-Tech plug-in hybrid - SUV coupé
High performances  E-Tech 4x4 300 hp version available soon. More information to come.

4Control advanced

Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - 4Control advanced
agility and stability
At low speed, 4Control Advanced directs the rear wheels up to 5° in the opposite direction of the front wheels, for a turning circle comparable to that of a city car. Above 50 km/h, the rear wheels pivot up to 1° to improve your stability.

“Hey Google, play my favourite music”
openR link with Google built-in¹ also includes 50 apps² directly on your screen as well as Renault services.

1Google, Google Play, Android Auto and Google Maps are Google LLC trademarks

2depending on the country 

human first program

32 advanced driver-assistance systems

Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - active driver assist
active driver assist
Active driver assist combines the intelligent adaptive cruise control with the Stop & Go function and lane centering. It regulates the speed according to the road conditions, maintains a safe distance and ensures centering in the lane. When traffic slows down, the system allows the vehicle to stop and start automatically.
and 31 other advanced driver-assistance systems for your safety with the human first program     

Rafale since 1934

Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - histoire - avion Caudron-Renault
performance-focused and leading the way
Throughout its history, Renault has always created, invented and been a pioneer, on the roads as well as in the air or on rail. Engine performance, aerodynamic efficiency, in-car safety, the challenges keep on coming and we keep on improving.

more information coming soon

Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid
stay informed of its release
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