4Control advanced

4Control advanced

Renault Rafale
The 4Control advanced system significantly enhances handling at low speeds, as well as agility and performance at medium to high speeds. Paired with the multi-arm rear suspension, the steering is sharp and reassuring, handling bends and turns with precision. 

agility and manoeuvring

agility and handling
When you drive at low speeds or manoeuvre, 4Control advanced directs the rear wheels up to 5° in the opposite direction of the front wheels, for a turning circle comparable to that of a city car. Above 50 km/h, the rear wheels pivot up to 1° to improve the stability of Renault Rafale on fast corners.
manoeuvres and parking
In town, the 10.4-m turning circle rivals that of a city car. To facilitate parking manoeuvres, the rear wheels turn up to 5°.

improved road-holding

stability through turns
When cornering at more than 50 km/h, all 4 wheels turn in the same direction to improve road-holding. The front wheels turn up to 35° and the rear wheels turn up to 1°, providing greater stability through turns.
enhanced driving pleasure
Renault Rafale features:  
  • large tyres (245 mm) and specific spring, shock absorber and anti-roll bar settings
  • an electronic rear suspension steering system, Vehicle Motion Control, developed to optimise cornering speeds and improve road-holding on uneven and damaged roads
  • a steering calibrated for surgical precision on corners.


Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - 4Control
Choice of 4 driving modes to help your Renault Rafale adapt to your needs:  
  • motor sound and responsiveness
  • steering firmness
  • ambient lighting
  • driver’s screen set-up.
 Multi-sense offers you a customised experience behind the wheel.