comfort, interior space & dimensions

comfort, interior space & dimensions

Renault Rafale
Step inside Renault Rafale and discover a space in which every detail has been carefully crafted and high-quality materials reign supreme. Its interior space, cutting-edge equipment, and obsession with comfort set Renault Rafale apart as a truly unique coupe SUV.

interior comfort

The Renault Rafale coupe SUV offers premium comfort through its cutting-edge equipment, meticulous attention to detail, and spacious interior both in the front and the rear.
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - modular layout
32 cm of legroom
With its 273-cm wheelbase, Renault Rafale ensures top-notch comfort for passengers: 32 cm of legroom in the rear, ranking among the best in its class, and 89 cm* of headroom—all while maintaining the sleek profile of a coupe SUV. 
*depending on version.
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - modular layout
ingenius® rear armrest
The ingenius® rear armrest is all about multimedia. You'll find storage spaces for tablets and smartphones, two USB-C ports, and two adjustable holders designed to comfortably enjoy your digital devices and secure water bottles or cups.
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - modular layout
ski hatch
Accessible from the boot, this hatch helps you carry long objects (such as skis), utilising the entire length of the vehicle, from the boot to the front seats—without having to fold down the entire rear bench seat.
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - modular layout
boot capacity
Its 630-L* load capacity extends to 1,900 L when the rear bench seat is folded down. Such versatility lets you use your vehicle as you see fit, whatever your needs may be. 
*530-dm3 boot (VDA standard).

volumes and dimensions

Front to back, top to bottom...
Enjoy the generous space of Renault Rafale.

     E-Tech full hybrid powertrain      
     minimum boot capacity      
630 L
     maximum boot capacity     
1,900 L
     volume under false floor     
92 L
32 cm