safety features

safety features

Renault Rafale     

advanced driver-assistance systems

As part of the Human First programme, Renault has developed 32 advanced driver-assistance systems to make driving safer and give you greater peace of mind.

driver-assistance systems

park assist

safety systems

vehicle occupant safety

Renault Rafale is equipped with cutting-edge innovations from the Human First programme, ensuring your safety at every moment, providing solutions that support, guide and protect you.
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - safety score safety coach
safety score and safety coach
Promoting safer driving: 
  • The safety score analyses the speed, trajectory and safe distance data transmitted during trips. After each trip, it displays the driver’s score, from 0 to 100, along with personalised tips to improve one’s driving skills.
  • using the safety score data, the safety coach offers tips to help you develop better driving habits.
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - freinage automatique
post-accident active emergency braking system
Designed to prevent or minimize secondary impacts in a collision, the system automatically applies the brakes to bring the vehicle to a stop unless the driver regains control*.  
*by braking or accelerating
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid - QRescue Renault
Renault QRescue: saving time for the emergency services
With a QR code on the windscreen and rear window, Renault QRescue gives firefighters immediate access to the vehicle’s technical data sheet, helping them intervene promptly and safely. This can save up to 15 minutes when it comes to taking care of victims within the golden hour*.  
*the critical time window following an accident in which first responders have to transport the injured to the hospital.