your charging solutions

Renault 5 E-Tech 100% electric
Home charging
It's easy to recharge your Renault 5 E-Tech 100% electric vehicle at home using a charging point, a reinforced socket or a standard socket.     
Fast charging on the motorway
A 30-minute charge during yourjourney will increase yourrange from 15% to 80%, using a DC rapid charging point with a power rating of at least 100 kW.⁽¹⁾    
Public charging
With almost 90% of charging points in Europe rated at 22kW or less, there's always a charging solution nearby. Renault 5's 11 kW charger allows you to recover 50% of your range quickly.    

(1)  on version with comfort-range battery (52 kWh). Charging time in optimum conditions

cables and equipment

The city car comes with a type 2 Cable that can be used on home, companyand public charging points, so you can charge in any situation. Other cables are availableas options.    

charging times

installation type power at charging point vehicle charger power required cable battery charge (recommended)   comfort-range battery (52 kWh)
fast public charging point (DC) 100 kW 100 kW DC¹ tethered cable 15-80% 30 mins
public or home charging point 22 kW 11 kW AC Type 2 charging cable included with purchase (3-phase) 15-80% 3h13
7,4kW 15-80% 5h11
reinforced home socket 3,7kW 11kW Optional flexicharger cable (single-phase) 15-80% 9h48
¹with the comfort-range battery, maximum peak power is 130 kW. ¹ with the comfort long-range battery, maximum peak power is 150 kW. Remember that charging DC is not linear and varies by charge status and battery temperature.


how do you charge an electric vehicle?
With AC alternating or DC direct current. Conventional home and public charging points offer alternating current. Fast charging points that can be found on motorways offer direct current.
The battery works with DC current, so the vehicle’s charger converts AC to DC when your car is plugged into a conventional charging point.
how do you charge an electric vehicle at home?
At home, you just need to install a reinforced socket or a charging point to charge your vehicle with the type 2 cable supplied. Occasionally, you can also charge your car from a domestic socket with the Flexicharger cable available as an option.
What type of electric current at home?
The home charging point must be 7.4 kW AC single-phase or 11 kW AC three-phase. The suitable cables are called type 2 cables or Flexicharger cables (in the case of a reinforced domestic socket).