Renault Concept-cars

Renault Niagara concept

project yourself into the future

R5 TURBO 3E E-Tech 100% électrique
R5 Turbo 3E E-Tech 100% electric
controlled electric skid
Prototype R5 E-Tech 100% électrique
R5 E-Tech 100% electric prototype
future 100% electric icon
4Ever Trophy
4ver Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept
adventure accessible to all
4Ever Trophy
the future of shared electric mobility
Renault R.S. 2027 Vision - voiture dans un hangar éclairé
KANGOO Z.E. Concept
urban and electric show-car
Renault R.S. 2027 Vision - voiture dans un hangar éclairé
R.S. 2027 Vision
the future of Renault Sport is now being written
Renault TREZOR Concept - voiture sur route dans le désert
TREZOR Concept
the future in an electric GT
Renault Scenic Vision Concept Car
Scenic Vision Concept
more than a concept car, an aspiration


our vision of the future

a vibrant design
True to our values of proximity and practical innovation for all, our design strategy aims to give emotion a central role, through simple, sensual and warm styling. 
Initially found in a range of concept cars, this shapely style has gradually been deployed from 2012 onwards in all of the recent models from our range. 
Laurens van den Acker, Industrial Design Director: "We now have a consistent and cross-sectional range across the board, with each model retaining its own distinctive personality. And this is only the beginning!”

from concept to reality

the future is now

Renault - gamme - vue 3/4 arrière droit
safety by Renault
automobile safety by Renault     
Renault - équipe design à l'œuvre
our range
the world of vehicles