Renault Austral

Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid
 E-Tech full hybrid 200 hp engine offers one of the best performances in its category

 up to 130 km/h(1) of electric driving, up to 80% electric driving in the city², up to 1,100 km of driving range(1)
200 hp
E-Tech full hybrid powertrain
advanced driver-assistance systems
527 L
boot capacity

(1)depending on battery charge level and driving style/source: Renault internal/2022 

(1) Google, Google Play, Android Auto, Google Maps and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC  

(1) depending on countries     

(3) 575 dm3 boot (VDA standard)

(4) depending on version

(5) available depending on version

hybrid engines

100% hybrid

0 plugging constraints
E-Tech full hybrid

Drive silently with electrical power at up to 130 kph and, in town, for up to 80% of your journey time (1) : the battery is charged when you decelerate and brake. No need to plug in to an electricity socket.

maximum power
118  kW or 146  kW (160 or 200 hp)
depending on version

automatic intelligent multimodal

CO2 emissions WLTP
from 102g/km
values certified according to the WTLP protocol / source UTAC / July 2022     

from 4,6L/100km
values certified according to the WTLP protocol / source UTAC / July 2022    

battery voltage
400 V + capacity of 2 kWh

(1) depending on the condition of the battery and the driving style / in-house source Renault / 2022

up to 80%
of electric driving in town(1)
up to 40%
fuel savings(2)

(1)depending on the charge level of the battery and the driving style / in-house source Renault / 2022

(2)For an E-Tech full hybrid powertrain compared to a mild hybrid auto powertrain, according to WLTC City protocol / source UTAC & IDIADA / September 2022        

"Hey Google, take me home"
The openR link multimedia system includes the best of Google services and Renault services to accompany you on all of your journeys. Find a parking space, plan your journey, check your driving range and listen to your favourite music without taking your eyes off the road, using all of your favourite apps.


32 advanced driver-assistance systems

intelligent adaptive cruise control - Austral E-Tech full hybrid
intelligent adaptive cruise control, active driver assist
The system regulates the speed according to the road conditions*, maintains safe distances and ensures centring in the lane. When traffic slows down, the Stop & Go system allows the vehicle to stop and start automatically.     
matrix led vision - Austral
LED matrix vision
The system automatically adjusts the shape of the light beam to the traffic and weather conditions to avoid glare and optimize night vision. It is activated by a camera located on top of the windscreen.

interior space

increased storage space

Innovative interior. Big space between the front seats, with an inductive wireless charger for your smartphone. 35 litres of modular storage space that is easily accessible in the passenger compartment.
5 seats with sliding rear bench seat
The rear seat can be pushed back by 16 cm (1), which offers the biggest rear leg room in its category.

(1)varies by version

2/3 - 1/3 sliding rear bench seat (1)
Adjust your boot capacity easily by sliding all or part of the rear bench seat.

(1)varies by version

sliding rear bench seat
It can be moved by 16 cm and allows you to easily increase the loading capacity.
3 seats
 Enjoy an enhanced rear storage space of up to 960L in this configuration.  

2 seats
 With a capacity of up to 1 ,761 L(1), this configuration allows you to carry a lot of luggage, whilst still having space for 2 people on board. 
 (1) 1,525 dm³ boot (VDA standard)

2 versions

(available versions: techno and techno esprit Alpine)     
version 1 Austral
version 2 Austral
techno esprit Alpine