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100% hybrid range

Up to 40% fuel savings with the E-Tech full hybrid powertrain. In the city, drive up to 80% of the time in electric mode. The battery is recharged when decelerating and braking, no need for a power outlet.

The all new 48 V electrical system associated with the petrol engine helps to improve the torque available during start-up and acceleration phases for better sensations, increased driving pleasure and lower everyday fuel consumption*.     

* up to 20% fuel savings with 48 V mild hybrid advanced     

The 1st level of hybridisation, the 12V electrical system helps the petrol engine during acceleration phases to offer a more flexible and dynamic driving experience whilst limiting your fuel consumption.

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A complete range of 100% hybrid powertrains to choose from: E-Tech full hybrid offers one of the most efficient yields in its category, mild hybrid advanced and mild hybrid
    E-Tech full hybrid 160 and 200      mild hybrid advanced 130    

mild hybrid 140 and 160  
   technology    1 battery
   +2 electric motors
   +1 combustion engine
   1 x 48 V battery
   +1 combustion engine
   1 x 12 V battery
   +1 combustion engine
   reduced fuel consumption         up to 40%   up to 10%   up to 8%
   fuel consumption    4.6 - 5.2L/100 km    5.2L/100 km         6.1 - 6.8L/100 km     
   CO 2  emissions         104 - 177g/km
   109 - 177g/km
   118g/km   138 - 154g/km 
   140 - 154g/km
   Crit'Air classification   1   1   1     
   energy recovery via deceleration and braking    yes   yes            yes
   energy recovery amplification     yes        no        no     
   combustion engine electrical assistance       yes   yes   yes    
   city electric driving      up to 80% of trips with energy recovery    no       no

E-Tech full hybrid

hybrid at its best - powertrains - Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid
hybrid at its best

  • E-Tech full hybrid new generation powertrain
  • up to 80%* city driving time in electric mode
  • up to 40%** reduced fuel consumption
  • reduced CO2  emissions
  • crisp and responsive accelerations
*depending on the condition of the battery and the driving style / in-house source Renault / 2022
**for an E-Tech full hybrid powertrain compared to a mild hybrid auto powertrain, according to WLTC City protocol / source UTAC & IDIADA / September 2022
The E-Tech full hybrid powertrain on the Renault Austral is made up of a new 3-cylinder, 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine combined with a new electric motor, a lithium-ion battery and a smart multi-modal gearbox.
main functions
You can enjoy powerful start with an automatic electric drive. Regenerative braking charges the battery as you drive. You can also recover even more energy through 4 regeneration modes. 

mild hybrid advanced

consumption - powertrains - Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid
optimise your consumption
  • 48 V battery
  • best-in-category for COemissions and fuel consumption
  • 130 hp with start assist
  • excellent average running cost
Offering 130 hp of high-performance power, this technology consists of a system coupled to a 48 V lithium-ion battery that generates power as you decelerate.
main functions
The mild hybrid motor provides the best energy performance and CO2 emissions. The electrical system assists the motor during its high-consuming phases when starting or accelerating.

mild hybrid

mild hybrid generation - powertrains - Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid
new generation mild hybrid
  •  12 V battery 
  • 140 or 160 hp with start assist 
  • 1.3 l Turbo petrol engine
The 1.3 l Turbo direct-injection petrol engine is equipped with a particle filter and a 12-Volt mild hybrid system. Offering 140 hp (or 160 hp), this technology consists of an alternating start system coupled to a lithium-ion battery that generates power as you decelerate.
main functions
Reduces consumption impacts during start or acceleration phase. You can reduce your fuel consumption and CO 2  emissions, while enjoying smoother restarts and greater driving comfort.