Renault Captur

equipment and accessories

its equipment

comfort and practicality

enjoy the journey

Benefit from great habitability and ingenious equipment designed to offer you maximum comfort.
Renault CAPTUR
generous trunk and modular bench seat
Take advantage of the largest trunk volume in the category of up to 536L and its unique modularity thanks to its sliding bench seat. Benefit from a total space of 1275L thanks to the Captur folding rear seat sliding 16cm.
Renault CAPTUR
Lots of storage
Glove box drawer, storage in the central armrest, console and doors… Optimize your on-board life experience!
Renault CAPTUR
Assisted parking brake
The assisted parking brake makes your life easier. It tightens electrically when you turn off the engine and releases as soon as you accelerate.
Renault CAPTUR
Multi-Sense is the ability to personalize your Captur according to your current desires with 3 customizable driving modes and 8 ambient light colors.
Renault CAPTUR
glass sunroof
With its 5 positions, the Captur sunroof illuminates your interior.

stay connected

Liven up your journeys and access your entire multimedia world on board your Captur at your fingertips.
Renault CAPTUR
new EASY LINK system
With the new EASY LINK on-board system, enjoy a customizable, intuitive and easy-to-use multimedia system thanks to the high-resolution touch screen up to 9.3'', the largest in the category.
Renault CAPTUR
Google address search
Find the right destination with detailed Google information on over 100 million points of interest.
advance driver assistance systems

simplify your travels

Discover our on-board technologies that meet your daily needs.
Renault CAPTUR
rear parking sensors
Radar sensors facilitate your manoeuvres by warning you with audio and visual signals about nearby obstacles to the rear.
Renault CAPTUR
rear view camera
This system provides a rear view on the screen when you engage the reverse gear. Superimposed outlines make your manoeuvres easier and safer.
Renault CAPTUR
hill start assist
A hill start? Do not panic ! Hill start assist gives you time to breathe and keeps your Captur stationary for 2 seconds. Restart calmly!     
Renault CAPTUR
automatic high/low beam
A camera positioned on the windscreen will detect the light flows and automatically switch from high to low beam when you enter a build-up area or cross another vehicle.
Renault CAPTUR
cruise control with speed limiter
Control your speed while driving using the buttons on the steering wheel and set your required cruising or maximum speed to ensure you stay within the limits.

the best in safety

Drive safely thanks to our driving aids designed to protect you throughout your journey.
Renault CAPTUR
active emergency braking system (AEBS)
This system detects vehicles to the side or in front, then stops the vehicle in the event of any danger.
Renault CAPTUR
lane keep assist
Alerts you and gently corrects your trajectory if your vehicle changes lane without signalling.
Renault CAPTUR
lane departure warning
The system informs the driver of unintended crossings of a solid or broken line, using the camera located on the windscreen, behind the rear-view mirror.
Renault CAPTUR
distance warning alert
The front radar calculates safety distances and triggers an audible and visual warning in the event of a risk of collision.
Renault CAPTUR
traffic sign recognition
A camera reads the traffic signs and displays them in your instrument panel so you are always aware of speed limits, and alerts you if you exceed them.
Renault CAPTUR
maximum safety on board
In the event of an accident, our safety experts have planned everything for the safety of the occupants: reinforced structure, 6 airbags, anti-whiplash headrests, seat belts with pretensioners and load limiter.

its accessories

give free rein to your desires
More place ? Travel without limiting yourself! Make your journeys easier with suitable accessories to carry everything you need.
Renault CAPTUR
roof bars
Use roof bars to carry up to 80kg of load.
Renault CAPTUR
semi-electric retractable hitch
Equip your Captur with a hitch that deploys and folds with a simple push to take advantage of an additional loading solution!
Renault CAPTUR
roof box
More luggage to bring? Increase the loading capacity of your Captur! 

personalize your SUV

Thanks to our designer accessories combining style and practicality, your Captur is unlike any other.
Renault CAPTUR
underbody approach light
Are you looking for your vehicle? Do not waste anymore time ! Your Captur lights up as you approach, or by simply pressing the remote control, to show you the way.
Renault CAPTUR
shark antenna
With the shark antenna, the athletic profile of Captur offers even more dynamism.
Renault CAPTUR
Reinforce the SUV style of your Captur with these running boards that make getting in and out of the vehicle easier.

pamper your Captur

Preserve your Captur with a wide choice of accessories that are easy to use on a daily basis.
Renault CAPTUR
textile floor mat
Bring a touch of refinement and additional protection to your vehicle with these mats made from high-end materials.
Renault CAPTUR
seat covers
Perfectly protect the original upholstery of your vehicle by giving it an extra touch of personality. Custom-made and equipped with an intuitive fastening system, they are easy to install and clean.
Renault CAPTUR
bodywork protection pack
Effectively protect your vehicle's paint against small impacts, scratches or even repeated friction. Clever and extremely resistant, this transparent film is easily installed and protects sensitive areas of the vehicle.
life on board

live a tailor-made experience

Take advantage of functional amenities designed to adapt perfectly to your Captur.
Renault CAPTUR
picnic table
Peckish? Unfold the picnic tablet at the front of your Captur to enjoy a comfortable snack.