Renault Captur

a sporty and customisable design

exterior design

let the shape move you

Captur has all the hallmarks of an SUV with added personality


Renault Captur

Personalize your Captur according to your wishes.
exterior customisation
Roof, mirrors… Play with the color combinations of your Captur.
…and interior
Make its interior yours.

interior design

a revolution

Smart cockpit with 9.3'' driver-oriented touchscreen multimedia screen, 10.2'' digital instrumentation, unique floating console with its futuristic "E-shifter" gear lever...Discover a technological interior space with an exclusive design.
Renault CAPTUR
quality as a requirement
High-end materials, foam coverings, satin finishes, seating comfort... Settle into a warm space where quality reigns supreme.
Renault Captur
clever storage
Glove box drawer, storage in the central armrest, console and doors… Optimize your on-board life experience!
Renault CAPTUR
Bigger, more livable
Take advantage of the largest trunk volume in the category up to 536L... And its unique modularity thanks to its sliding and folding bench seat.
Renault CAPTUR
Renault EASY CONNECT connected multimedia systems
With the all-new auto-updating multimedia systems, you access your content on the largest 9.3'' touchscreen in the category. Searching for your destination via Google Search simplifies your daily life.