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New Renault Trafic Van Malta
robust and dynamic van
Combine comfort and practicality with Trafic Van. Its ingenious interior design incorporates a hatch under the passenger seat allowing for a loading length of 4.15 m. Its rectangular shape optimises the loading volume, offering up to 8.9 m³ on the L2h2 version.  In the front, storage compartments offer 88 L of capacity, a removable mobile office and all of the comfort you need to work wherever and whenever you wish.    

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Trafic Van, the van of all trades
Trafic Van is modular and can be customised as you wish, through an extensive, tailored range of options, accessories and conversions.
Opt for its panel van version, which offers 2 length options, 2 heights and a payload of between 5.8 and 8.9 m3. A large number of variants are available: crew cabs, windows, partitions, doors, etc.

Select the platform cab version and adapt it into one of many versions. For example, you can choose large volume, refrigerated, food-truck and even tipper type conversions.


practical, versatile and secure

All-New Renault Trafic - mobile office
life on board made simple
Get behind the wheel of your Trafic Van and work anywhere. Equipped with a genuine modular workspace, simply fold down the centre seat back and the cab converts into a mobile office. A perfect place to put your laptop and hold your work documents on an A4 size swivel stand.    
All-New Renault Trafic - optimised loading area
optimised loading area
The hatch in the bulkhead allows Trafic Van to offer 4.15 m of usable loading length, the best in its segment. Its rectangular floor pan means that the loading volume is optimised, providing up to 8.9 m3.
All New Renault Trafic - driving safety
driving safety
Trafic Van boasts ten new driver-assistance systems. Drive with the highest level of driver comfort: Blind Spot Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Active Emergency Braking System, etc. Working on the road has never been so comfortable and safe.     


our solutions for businesses

Since 1980, Trafic Van has been adapting to your business requirements.
Wooden interior trim, protective covering, storage and more. Make the most of the custom fittings, adapted to your needs.