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Rotating mesh partition for Kangoo Van
rotating mesh partition with folding passenger seat
Load up to 4.9 m3  of cargo and take advantage of extra loading length (up to 3.5 m) with its rotating partition and folding passenger seat. 

Easy Inside Rack for Kangoo Van
easy inside rack
Need to transport long items? Equip your Kangoo Van with the retractable easy inside rack. When fitted to the roof, this rack lets you transport objects from 2 to 2.5m long, while freeing up the space on the floor of your cargo area.

Increased cargo capacity for Kangoo VanIncreased cargo capacity for Kangoo Van
increased cargo capacity
Do you transport heavy loads? Opt for an increased cargo capacity of up to 1000 kg! 
Additional locks for Kangoo Van
additional locks
Your load may be very valuable. Opt for our additional reinforced locks. 

LED lighting for Kangoo Van
LED lighting
LED lighting is three times more powerful than standard lighting. Your loading area’s brightness is improved so you can work day or night in the best conditions.

* available for sale at a later date.

Non-slip wooden floor for Kangoo Van
non-slip wooden floor
Opt for a customised non-slip covering (9 mm) to protect your Kangoo Van’s floor.

Wooden trim kit for Kangoo Van
wooden trim kit
Protect your Kangoo Van’s loading area with a customised wooden trim kit. The non-slip wooden floor (9 mm) and side trims (5 mm) protect its floor, upper parts of the side walls and the rear doors. The wheel arches remain visible.
Rubber protective mats for Kangoo Van
rubber protective mats
Protect your Kangoo Van from dirt with a practical and sturdy rubber covering.
Polypro trim kit for Kangoo Van
polypro trim kit*
Are you looking for a solution that both enhances the durability of your Kangoo Van’s cargo area and makes it easier to maintain? With its customised non-slip floor (9 mm) and full covering of the side walls in polypropylene, the polypro trim kit is the perfect solution!

* available for sale at a later date.

Lashing rings for Kangoo Van
up to 10 lashing rings
Secure and stabilise your Kangoo Van’s load. Benefit from 6 floor lashing rings as standard and 4 on the sides.

Standard towing with a 13-pin harness for Kangoo Van
standard towing with a 13-pin harness
Need more space? With the Kangoo Van towbar, you can tow a trailer. The towbar stability control system prevents swaying, making your journeys safer.
Extended Grip for Kangoo Van
extended grip
Need to cross a muddy construction site or drive on a tricky road? Don't panic! Extended grip is an improved ESC feature. Combined with all-season tyres, boost your traction when pulling away and at low speeds on low-grip soft ground (dust, hard sand, snow, wet ground, etc.). It is in effect until you reach 50 km/h. You can activate it manually and continue on your way without skidding or getting stuck.
Under-engine protective cover for Kangoo Van
under-engine protective cover
Do you often drive on construction sites or rough roads? Protect your Kangoo Van’s engine with a protective cover.

Speed limiter for Kangoo Van
speed limiter
If needed, you can use the continuous speed limiter (set at 30, 90, 100, 110, 130 km/h) to restrict your vehicle’s speed, which reduces fuel consumption.

discover our specific conversions suited to your business
refrigerated vehicle
Meet the conditions for preserving your perishable foodstuffs and specific products on board your Kangoo Van. Install an isothermal/refrigerating cell that complies with the current standards and regulations.
workshop vehicle
Convert your Kangoo Van into a genuine mobile workshop! Take advantage of special fittings and Open Sesame by Renault to get the loading capacity of a larger vehicle but in a compact model. Simplify your daily life: access your tools without having to go into the cargo area!