Renault Zoe E-Tech 100% Electric

technical sheet

discover the dimensions of the Zoe E-Tech 100% Electric

Does Zoe E-Tech electric fit in your garage? Length, height, width... discover its dimensions in detail.

Zoe E-Tech 100% Electric motors

100% electric, 100% pleasure, 0 emissions
electrifying sensations
R135 and R110 motors
R135 and R110 motors
2 levels of motorization
R135 motor
Equipped with the new 100kW engine, Zoe E-Tech electric offers you even more pleasure and sensations! Its power of 135hp and torque of 245Nm allow you to benefit from improved performance for even more versatility and comfort, particularly on expressways. 

R110 motor
Developing a power of 80kW (108hp) and a torque of 225Nm, the R110 engine brings brilliance and versatility to your electric Zoe E-Tech for real driving pleasure while preserving your range.
B Mode
B Mode
brake less and relax!
Activate mode B by simply pressing the gear lever, Zoe E-Tech electric then decelerates more strongly as soon as you release the accelerator pedal. This reduces your use of the brake pedal and allows you to enjoy a smoother, more relaxed ride.
electronic gear lever « E-shifter »
electronic shift lever « E-Shifter »
from one mode to another with a simple impulse
Forget mechanical levers! Thanks to the electronic “E-Shifter” lever, simple impulses are enough to switch from mode B to mode D and vice versa or engage reverse gear. The selected driving mode is then displayed on the console as well as on the 10" driver screen.