solarbay® panoramic roof

Renault Symbioz     
Discover the solarbay® opacifying panoramic roof on Renault Symbioz. Through voice commands or manual controls, you can make the glass darker or lighter. Four tint configurations are available to keep every passenger comfortable.

how does solarbay® work?

cutting-edge technology

solarbay® - Renault Symbioz E-Tech full hybrid
a high-tech glass surface
A joint development by Renault and Saint-Gobain, solarbay® uses Saint-Gobain Sekurit’s AmpliSky® full electronic system. The technology relies on a PDLC film* placed between two glass plates, which, once powered by an electric current, changes the orientation of the liquid crystals. This design allows headroom to be increased by 30 millimetres, improving the aerodynamics of Renault Symbioz E-Tech full hybrid and boosting its driving range as a result. 
*polymer dispersed liquid crystal