connectivity and immersive experience

connectivity and immersive experience

Renault Symbioz     
Renault Symbioz E-Tech full hybrid - expérience de conduite connectée
connected driving experience
With its 10.4” central screen and 10” digital dashboard, Renault Symbioz keeps you fully connected to technology trough the openR link multimedia system with Google built-in*. Enjoy more than 50 in-car apps, including SongPop for a shared experience with family or friends.
*Google, Google Play, Google Maps are Google LLC trademarks.

Google built-in

solarbay® voice control

Renault Symbioz E-Tech full hybrid
solarbay® voice control
Through Google Assistant, use voice commands to adjust the opacity of Renault Symbioz’s solarbay® roof, with 4 combinations to choose from.

more than 50 in-car apps

Harman Kardon® sound system

Renault Symbioz E-Tech full hybrid - Harman Kardon
an immersive sound experience
Indulge in the most captivating experiences aboard Renault Symbioz with the exclusive Harman Kardon audio journey: 9 speakers spread throughout the cabin to ensure consistent sound quality for every passenger.