New Renault ZOE

equipment & accessories

Its equipment

optimise your journeys

Benefit from modern equipment designed to make your daily life easier.
Renault ZOE boite à gants
spacious storage
Cup holders, smartphone compartment with induction charger, USB ports... Clever storage solutions enable you to organise your daily life on board your ZOE.
Renault ZOE Pare-brise acoustique
acoustic windscreen
Do you enjoy driving in peace and quiet? The acoustic windscreen blocks outside noise and allows you to enjoy a relaxing journey.
Renault ZOE Climatisation et aération
air-conditioning and ventilation
Create the perfect thermal conditions on board your ZOE thanks to ergonomic chrome-ringed controls located on your dashboard.
Renault ZOE Plafonnier à éclairage LED
LED dome light
Let there be light! The interior lighting, like the exterior lights, is 100% LED.
Renault ZOE Écran conducteur 10''
customisable 10" driver's screen
View all the information concerning electric driving: power saver, principal driver assistance systems, navigation or vehicle driving range display.
Renault ZOE levier de vitesse
B Mode, relaxed driving
To make driving easier in the city or in slow-moving traffic, B Mode increases your vehicle's deceleration, allowing for less brake pedal use and a more relaxing drive.


confirmed connectivity

Interact with your ZOE remotely or on board from your smartphone and its on-board multimedia system.
Renault ZOE Nouveau système EASY LINK
new EASY LINK system
In a 7" or 9.3" display, the multimedia system of your ZOE controls the vehicle's main settings. Benefit from smartphone mirroring and access your multimedia content in the blink of an eye.
Renault ZOE Application MY Renault
MY Renault app
Life is increasingly more connected! Check the battery level of your ZOE, schedule charging during off-peak hours, pre-heat the passenger compartment to the ideal temperature, or plan your route including the most suitable charging stations.


make life easier

Discover our on-board technology designed to help you along your entire journey.
Renault ZOE Caméra de recul et radars de proximité
rear-view camera and proximity sensors
Thanks to its rear-view camera and its side proximity sensors at the front and the rear, manoeuvring behind the wheel of ZOE is a breeze.
Renault ZOE Reconnaissance des panneaux de signalisation
traffic sign recognition
Enjoy a relaxed drive! The system detects road signs and notifies you of the speed limit in real time.
Renault ZOE Commutation automatique des feux
automatic headlight control
The headlights switch from main beam to dipped beam automatically when an oncoming vehicle is detected. 
Renault ZOE Fonction Auto-hold
auto-hold function
Similarly to a hill start assist system, the Auto-hold function enables you to release the brake when stopped on flat ground.

Renault ZOE Carte mains libres & E-Shifter
hands-free card & E-Shifter
Save time! Your ZOE unlocks when you approach it and starts up when you press the Start button.When you arrive, the parking brake engages automatically when you shut off the engine. Your vehicle locks when you walk away. How smart it is!

Renault ZOE Parking main libre
hands-free parking
The EASY PARK ASSIST takes over the steering wheel, so all you need to control are the pedals and driving modes.


enjoy a relaxed drive

Drive in complete safety thanks to equipment that improves your driving conditions.
Renault ZOE Feux 100% LED
100% LED lights
New 100% LED headlights feature the C-shape lighting signature and improve the driver's visibility significantly.
Renault ZOE Alerte de franchissement de ligne
Lane departure warning
At speeds of over 70 km/h, you are alerted instantly if the vehicle unintentionally crosses a continuous or broken lane marking.
Renault ZOE Aide au maintien dans la voie
Lane Keeping Assist
Drive straight ahead! The system analyses your behaviour behind the wheel and, in case of inattention, helps you control your trajectory to bring you back into the lane.
Renault ZOE - Freinage actif d'urgence
Active Emergency Brake
An obstacle ahead? Reduce braking distance in an emergency and keep control of your trajectory thanks to ABS.
Renault ZOE Avertisseur d'angle mort
Blind spot warning
A warning light on the door mirror alerts you when a vehicle is in the blind spot of your ZOE.

its accessories

charge your vehicle your way...
... anywhere! Experience the best of electric driving with accessories adapted to your lifestyle.
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Double Plancher de rangement de câble
cable storage double floor
Integrated into the boot of your ZOE, this storage space enables you to transport 2 charging leads.  
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Sac de rangement en tissu recyclé
storage bag made from recycled material
Organise your personal belongings and combine practicality and respect for the environment. 
turn heads
Customise your ZOE's design and let your personality shine
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Jantes alliage Noir diamanté 17''
17” black diamond-cut wheel rims
Add pep to your ZOE and assert your look with these elegant and dynamic wheel rims.
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Antenne requin
shark-fin aerial
Adopt a decidedly sporty style!
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Déflecteurs d'air
air deflectors
Refresh the air in the passenger compartment for a comfortable journey!
take care of your ZOE

Do you love your ZOE? Prove it!

Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Film de protection
protection film
Protect the bodywork of your ZOE in any situation... and transparently!
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Seuil de porte
door sill
Decorate your ZOE’s door sills and combine style and protection.
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Seuil de coffre
boot sill
Protect your bumpers against rubbing and impacts with ZOE-branded protection. 

revolutionise your daily life
Our convenient and clever accessories are designed to make your life easier.
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Accoudoir tissu recyclé
recycled fabric armrest
Keep your personal belongings within easy reach and enjoy extra storage space. 
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Rétroviseur électrochrome avec système homelink
electrochrome rear-view mirror with homelink system
Garage, front door, lights and blinds, etc. Programme your rearview mirror to control up to 3 devices remotely. Save time!
Renault ZOE - Accessoires - Tapis de sol
floor mats
Featuring grey or blue braid trim, opt for easy-to-install and maintain floor mats to protect the your ZOE’s floor.