aerodynamic performance

All New Master
All-New Renault Master is the culmination of several years of development creating an attractive aerodynamic and efficient design. Designed in the wind tunnel and completely revamped, it ushers in a new era for commercial vehicles.

high-performance design

All key design elements have been worked on, such as the inclined windscreen, air inlets, shape of the wing mirrors and tightening of the rear are. This boosts the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance and provides significant energy savings.

aerodynamic design

Discover how engineering and design can work together to improve aerodynamics. Michael Gabriel and Louis Morasse tell us about All-New Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric, the new, resolutely aerovan commercial vehicle.

improved performance

With its aerodynamic optimisation, enjoy All-New Renault Master’s lower fuel consumption with the diesel engine (1.5 L/100 km in dCi 2L diesel version*) and up to 460 km of driving range** in its E-Tech 100% electric version with a 27% reduction in energy consumption.

*measurement in WLTP cycle, March 2023, comparing Renault Master L2H2 3.5T dCi 130 and Renault Master 3 phase 2 Blue dCi 135. Renault internal study.

**measurement taken in WLTP cycle comparing Renault Master L2H2 E-Tech 87 kWh and Renault Master E-Tech electric 52 kWh. Renault internal study.

e-tech 100% electric
up to 460 km of driving range - Renault Master
up to 460 km of driving range*
With zero CO2 emissions, the two E-Tech 100% electric versions are ideal for daily use in city centres and guarantee access to low-emission zones.

*in L2H2 4t version according to WLTP data
130 kW maximum DC fast charger - Renault Master
130 kW maximum DC fast charger
Recover full driving range in 1hr 10min on a DC fast charging point for the 87 kWh battery.
dynamic braking - Renault Master
dynamic braking
This new compact system offers identical braking efficiency regardless of the loading weight and halves the reaction time during emergency braking. Each deceleration therefore helps to recover energy and improve the vehicle's overall range.
puissance sur mesure - Renault Master
customised power
Get a brand new Blue dCi 2L engine with four power levels to meet your expectations.
new EAG9 hydraulic automatic gearbox - Renault Master
new EAG9 hydraulic automatic gearbox*
The new 9-speed gearbox available on the 150 hp and 170 hp versions offers the best possible torque in all situations providing comfortable driving.
*available at a later date.
dynamic braking - Renault Master
dynamic braking
The new hydraulic dynamic braking system offers the same braking efficiency irrespective of the load carried and halves the reaction time during emergency braking (if activated by a driver-assistance system).