E-Tech 100% electric powertrain

E-Tech 100% electric powertrain

All-New Master
Enjoy Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric’s aerodynamic design, combined with E-Tech technology. It delivers up to 460 km of driving range, with reduced costs, ease of use and connected services.
27 %
lower electricity consumption*
460 km
of driving range**
2 batteries
40 kWh& 87 kWh
*measurement taken in WLTP cycle comparing Renault Master L2H2 E-tech 87kW and Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric 52kW. Renault international study
**according to WLTP data. In L2H2 4T version
4 good reasons to switch to electric
Renault Master E-tech 100% electric
Charge anywhere: on the road with fast charging points, at home or at work with an adapted wall socket or reinforced home socket.
Renault Master E-tech 100% electric
Switch to zero CO₂ emission driving and get access to city centres and low emission zones.
Renault Master E-tech 100% electric
Discover easy use with connected services: for example, the My Renault app locates and checks the availability of the nearest public charging points.
Renault Master E-tech 100% electric
Fast charging points along your route let you recover 15 to 80% of charge in 38 minutes.

driving comfort

electric driving - Master - Renault
E-Tech 100% electric driving
Flexible and dynamic starts, responsive pickup, no engine noise: enjoy the benefits of driving electric.

electric driving range

40 or 87 kwh batteries
2 batteries 40 & 87 kW - Master - Renaul
batteries to suit your needs
The double battery offer meets all needs:
  • 40 kWh city driving range to cover 180 km, ideal for driving in the city
  • 87 kWh long driving range for journeys up to 460 km
driving range
driving range - Master - Renault
go further
Aerodynamics, new regenerative braking, innovative technologies, everything has been done to obtain up to 460 km of driving range and reduce your electric consumption by 27%*.

*measurement taken in WLTP cycle comparing Renault Master L2H2 E-Tech 87 kWh and Renault Master E-Tech electric 52 kWh. Renault internal study.
    eco mode
    optimised consumption - Master - Renault
    optimised consumption
    Eco mode, available at all times, allows you to reduce your consumption whenever you want. To do this, it adjusts energy-consuming elements such as the heating, air conditioning and how hard you can accelerate.  
      regenerative braking
      regenerative braking - Master - Renault
      longer driving range generated by the braking system
      As with deceleration, the new braking system helps charge the battery. The kinetic energy produced when slowing down is recovered by the system to optimise your driving range.