safety functions and features

over 28 safety features

Renault Captur

advanced driver-assistance systems

With over 28 advanced driver-assistance systems, Renault Captur accompanies you on your journeys, whether in the city or on the motorway. These smart technologies ensure your safety and comfort behind the wheel, while also helping you easily park your vehicle.




passive safety

Renault is continuously developing new and innovative safety features through its dedicated research lab and the “human first program”. These passive safety innovations have helped reduce road fatalities five-fold. Captur offers this high level of protection.
safety score & coach
Safety score & coach - Renault Captur E-Tech full hybrid
safety score & coach
The safety score analyses your driving habits for each journey: speed, trajectory and stopping distances. This data is used to issue a score from 0 to 100 and give you personalised tips to make you a safer driver.
post-accident active braking
Active braking - Renault Captur E-Tech full hybrid
post-accident active braking
After a collision, the system causes Captur to brake automatically to help maintain control and avoid a multi-vehicle collision. By stopping or slowing down the vehicle, it helps prevent a potential secondary collision or reduce its severity.