Renault CAPTUR

equipment and accessories

its equipment


Enjoy the ride

Enjoy a large interior space and equipment cleverly designed to offer you optimum comfort.
Renault CAPTUR
spacious boot and modular bench seat
Take advantage of the largest boot volume in the category at 536 L and the unique modularity provided by its sliding bench seat. Benefit from a total space of 1,275 L thanks to the CAPTUR's rear bench seat which folds and slides over 16 cm.
Renault CAPTUR
a range of storage
Drawer glovebox, storage compartments in the central armrest, console and doors... Optimise your on-board experience!
Renault CAPTUR
assisted parking brake
The assisted parking brake makes your life easier. It activates automatically when you cut the engine and is released as soon as you accelerate.
wireless smartphone charger
Recharge your phone with one quick move thanks to the induction charger.
Renault CAPTUR
With MULTI-SENSE, you can customise your CAPTUR to suit your mood. Choose from three customisable driving modes and eight ambient lighting schemes.
Renault CAPTUR
glazed opening roof
With five positions, the CAPTUR sunroof lights up your interior.
Renault CAPTUR
new Bose® Premium audio system
Together, Renault and BOSE have designed an innovative system made specially for CAPTUR. With eight speakers and the seamlessly integrated Fresh Air subwoofer, you'll enjoy a flawless music experience with the BOSE® audio system.

travel connected

Add some excitement to your journeys, with access to your entire multimedia universe at your fingertips on board your CAPTUR.
Renault CAPTUR
new EASY LINK system
With the new on-board EASY LINK system, enjoy a customisable, easy-to-use and user-friendly multimedia system, with a high-resolution touchscreen of up to 9.3", the largest in the category.
Google address search
Need to plan a trip to Berlin or choose an Italian restaurant in Paris? Find the right destination using Google's detailed information on more than 100 million points of interest.
Renault CAPTUR
your smartphone at the heart of it all
Display your smartphone apps on the EASY LINK screen in your CAPTUR, with Android Auto™ and Apple Carplay™. Use your smartphone via voice commands or the large EASY LINK screen. 
MY Renault app
With the MY Renault app, control your CAPTUR from your smartphone. Find your car thanks to the integrated localisation. CAPTUR, here to make life easier!
Renault CAPTUR
Auto-Update service
Thanks to the Auto-Update service, your CAPTUR's EASY LINK system will get automatic updates for three years. Since 15% of roads change every year, take advantage of the very latest available maps so you can travel with more peace of mind in your CAPTUR.

make travelling easier

Discover our on-board technologies that respond to your daily needs.  
Renault CAPTUR
Easy Park Assist
Do you go out of your way to avoid parallel parking? Well, struggle no more! During a parking manoeuvre, the system alerts you to the presence of obstacles thanks to its 360° protection, and it can even help you perform manoeuvres.
Renault CAPTUR
360° camera
Thanks to its 360° camera and side proximity sensors at the front and the rear, manoeuvring behind the wheel of your CAPTUR is a breeze.
Renault CAPTUR
Highway & Traffic Jam Companion
Activated from 0 to 160 km/h, the system regulates the speed and maintains a safe distance from vehicles ahead, all while keeping you centred in your lane. This driver assist system makes it possible to stop and restart automatically in three seconds, without any action from the driver.
Renault CAPTUR
Hill Start Assist
Stopped on a steep slope? Don't panic! Hill Start Assist gives you some breathing room, keeping your CAPTUR stopped in place for two seconds. Start up with peace of mind!
Renault CAPTUR
Automatic switch between main beam and dipped beam headlights
It automatically switches to dipped headlights when you enter an urban area or when you meet an oncoming vehicle.
Renault CAPTUR
Stop & Go Adaptive cruise control
Adaptive cruise control helps you maintain a safe driving distance from the vehicle ahead. In a traffic jam, the Stop & Go feature enables the system to stop the vehicle and then restart it in three seconds once traffic begins moving again.

the best in safety

Drive safely thanks to our driver assist systems designed to keep you protected from point A to point B.
Renault CAPTUR
Active Emergency Braking System
CAPTUR is your guardian angel, watching over you all the time and keeping an eye on the traffic, as well as watching out for the unexpected. Sudden sharp braking, a pedestrian crossing the road... CAPTUR warns you and can even automatically carry out an emergency stop.
Renault CAPTUR
Blind spot warning
A warning light located on each of the door mirrors alerts you when a vehicle is in the blind spot of your CAPTUR.
Renault CAPTUR
Lane departure warning and Lane keeping assist
Activated from 60 km/h, the system alerts the driver and corrects the trajectory if the vehicle is about to cross a line without first having used the turn signal.
Renault CAPTUR
Traffic sign recognition with speed alert
This system uses the front camera to alert the driver automatically of the posted speed limits and recommends adjusting the speed.
Renault CAPTUR
maximum safety on board
In case of an accident, our safety experts have thought of everything for the safety of the occupants: reinforced structure, six air-bags, anti-whiplash head restraints, seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiter

its accessories

there are no limits to your desires
Need more space? Travel without limits! Make your journeys easier with accessories so that you can take everything you need.
Renault CAPTUR
roof bars
Bike rack, ski rack, etc. You can rely on our roof bars to carry loads up to 80 kg.
Renault CAPTUR
semi-electric retractable towbar
Kit out your CAPTUR with a towbar that deploys and folds away with a simple press of a button to take advantage of an additional loading solution!
Renault CAPTUR
roof box
Want to take more luggage? Increase the loading capacity of your CAPTUR !  

customise your SUV

Thanks to our accessories designed to merge style and convenience, your CAPTUR is unlike anything else.
Renault CAPTUR
underbody approach light
Are you trying to find your vehicle? Don't waste any more time! Your CAPTUR lights up as you approach, or with a simple press on the remote control, to show you the way.
Renault CAPTUR
shark-fin aerial
With the shark fin aerial, the athletic profile of CAPTUR provides even more dynamism.  
Renault CAPTUR
running board
Boost the SUV style of your CAPTUR with these running boards that make climbing in and out of the vehicle easy.

cherish your CAPTUR

Maintain your CAPTUR thanks to a wide selection of accessories which are easy to use on a daily basis.
Renault CAPTUR
premium textile floor mats
Add a touch of refinement and extra protection to your vehicle with these floor mats made of high-end materials.
Renault CAPTUR
seat covers
Fully protect your vehicle's original upholstery, while giving it an added touch of personality. Custom-designed and equipped with an intuitive attachment system, they are easy to install and clean.  
Renault CAPTUR
bodywork protection pack
Protect your vehicle’s paintwork effectively against small impacts, scratches or repeated rubbing. Cleverly designed and extremely resistant, this transparent film is easy to apply and protects the sensitive areas of your vehicle.

enjoy a customised experience

Take advantage of functional features designed to be perfectly adapted to your CAPTUR.    
Renault CAPTUR
wireless smartphone charger
Flat battery? Improve your battery life and recharge your smartphone free of cumbersome cables thanks to this cordless charger. 
Renault CAPTUR
focal pack
Bring your journeys to life thanks to incomparable sound quality and power. Music!
Renault CAPTUR
picnic table
Feeling peckish? Unfold the picnic table at the front of your CAPTUR to enjoy snacks in complete comfort.